Just For Me Music CD - A Personalized Music CD
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Personalized Children's Music - singing your child's name, over and over again. From waking up in the morning right down through a bedtime lullaby, each song captures the child's attention and imagination. Every song has been sung individually for each of the 2000+ different names we have in our database. What a perfect "any occasion" gift for a child!
Just as a Personalized Book will be read over and over again,.....a Personalized Music CD will be listened to "over and over and over again"!

1. Wake Up!
2. Jump Up and Down
3. It's Time To Play
4. That's Your Name
5. No Rainy Day Blues
6. At The Zoo
7. Be Kind To Animals
8. When You Grow Up
9. The Counting Song
10. Down in the Deep Blue Sea
11. Everybody Say Happy Birthday
12. Sleepy Time

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