I Can Fly Book Set
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A Personalized Coloring Book with Matching Personalized Storybook Set

One Sunday your child awakens to find a wonderful gift, a special goose that can take people flying. The goose takes your child on a trip with other birds, and it's the most wonderful day in your child's life. Free Photo Sticker with purchase

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"And so the story goes..."

I Can Fly

was created especially for
Sophia Michelle Jones
at the age of 5
With Love From
Mom & Dad
December 25, 2011

There was something very special waiting for Sophia Michelle Jones when she woke on Sunday morning.
Mom and Dad were sitting in the living room with a large, mysterious-looking package resting between them. The package was covered with a shiny gold cloth.

"Sophia, we have a special present for you, but before we give it to you, you must agree never to tell anyone, other than your family, about it," Mom said in a hush.
Sophia giggled with excitement at the mystery surprise. "Oh, I promise not to tell anyone."

"Only one person every one hundred years is given the honor of flying with the birds," Mom said, as Dad pulled the gold cloth off the most beautiful cage Sophia had ever seen.
The cage was made of solid gold. But inside was just a very ordinary looking goose with something attached to its back.
The goose opened the cage door and walked over and stood next to Sophia. "Sophia, you have been given this honor because you are such a good girl", said the goose.

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