My Trip to the Fire Station
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Your child will learn about fire safety as their class takes a trip to the local firestation. The story includes your child and 1 friend, a teacher, the school, a firefighter, fire chief and excellent safety tips for all. (ages 5 - 9)

TEACHER'S...This Is An Excellent Story For The Entire class!!!!
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"And so the story goes..."

My Trip To The Fire Station

was created especially for

Brian Marcus Burns
at the age of 9

With Love From
January 2005

Brian Burns was so excited, he could hardly wait to see the firefighters and fire engines. Brian and his class from Windsor Hills Elementary School are visiting the Los Angeles Fire Station today.

"Now class, said Mrs. Thibedeaux, "I know you're excited, but remember to pay close attention. Fire prevention and fire safety are very important. If you are ever in a fire, they could help save your life."

Brian couldn't believe his eyes. Firefighter Bob and Chief Hawthorne came to greet the children at the door!"Welcome to the Los Angeles Fire Station, boys and girls, "said Firefighter Bob. "We have a lot of exciting things to show you and I'm going to teach you some ways to stay safe when it comes to fire."

Firefighter Bob brought the class to see the many different fire trucks. "Wow, this is great! said Brian as he gazed at all the different fire engines. Winston, Look!" said Brian. "This fire truck is called a hook-and-ladder truck. Firefighters use this one when fighting fires in tall buildings."

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