Flooty Hobbs and the Jiggling, Jolly Gollywobber-Don't be Afraid of the Dark
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An award-winning story that looks at your child's fear of the dark from the perspective of the "bedtime monster". And shows your child what he/she really has to fear when they go to bed at night --- nothing! Your child's name, city, age and friend's are blended into this story on colorfully coordinated stickers. Plus - Free Photo Sticker with purchase .

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"And so the story goes..."
Flooty Hobbs.. and the Jiggling, Jolly Gollywobber!

was created especially for

Jake Patterson
at the age of 7

With Love From
Mommie & Daddy
February 28, 2005

My name is Flooty Hobbs.  Maybe you know me... maybe you don't.  There is a 7 year old named Jake Patterson who knows me all too well.  I was the scariest bedtime monster in Burbank, California.  Why, I had no trouble scaring Carter, Mitchell and Amanda.  I used to be great!  Everyone was afraid of me.
Until I met Jake.
I'll never forget that awful night when Jake got the best of me.  The whole thing is just dreadful.  Now, I'll never be the same (sniff).
As always, I waited through the usual bedtime routine.
     First, the night clothes.  Then, teeth were brushed.  At last, the bedtime story was told.
Finally, the lights went out in Jake's bedroom.  It was time for me to make my appearance.

(…and there's much, much more!)

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