The Sports Book
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The lessons of fair play and sportsmanship are encouraged in our personalized sports books. Your child's favorite sport and coach are included in addition to your child's name, up to three friends and hometown. Great story for any sport your child is involved in; baseball/football/tennis/soccer/basketball/hockey, etc) This book is suitable for older children and is especially suitable for boys. (age 4-12)

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"And so the story goes..."

The Sports Book

was created especially for
Jessie Marie Henderson
at the age of 11
With Love From,
Uncle Bernie
October 2004

Jessie Henderson rolled over in bed, saw dawn was already breaking and knew she would not be able to go back to sleep.  She had tossed and turned most of the night because she was excited.  This restlessness, however, was also partly due to an aching calf muscle.
     As Jessie started to get up,she once again felt the tightening in her leg.  She rubbed her muscle and the tension eased.  Now, fully awake, Jessie was very aware of the half-queasy, half-exhilarated feeling that came before every important softball game.  But today was not like every other sports day.  Today, Jessie Henderson was competing in the last and most important softball game of the season.  The championship was at stake!
(…and there's much, much more!)

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