The Big Circus
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In this fun loving tale, your child becomes a clown and joins in on circus fun. This books inlcudes
your child's name, age, hometown/city and up to three friend's names. (age 0-9)
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"And so the story goes..."

The Big Circus

    was created especially for

Michael Gerard Brown
With love from
Grandma and Grandpa
May 23, 2003

"Michael had waited such a long time for the circus to come to town. He had always dreamed of seeing the lions, elephants and clowns. Now the time had finally come, and he was going to see, that in the town of Scottsdale, Michael's dreams can become a reality.

"Welcome children, young and old, to the greatest show around; to the place where animals, magic and entertainment can be found. Step right up and take your seat, inside the tent so grand," a friendly clown said to
Michael and his friends at the ticket stand.

Jeremy, Michelle, and Mark were waiting to sit in their place. Suddenly a clown rushed out with a worried look on her face. "One of our clowns isn't feeling well!" she said. "I'm afraid he can't do the show. Would Michael be willing to take his place? That's all I need to know."
The clown looked down and studied Michael, then smiled with great delight. "Would you be willing to take his place? You are just the perfect height!"
      (...and there's much, much more!)

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