The Big Parade
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Come spend a day at the circus
and join in on all of the excitement and merriment that the big
top brings to your city. Your child gets a chance to participate
as host of the "big parade" as it passes through the
streets of your favorite hometown. Spanish version also available.
This book includes the child's name, up to three friends and the
hometown.   Free Photo Sticker with purchase



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"And so the story goes..."

The Big Parade

    was created especially for

Kristy Lynn Smith
at the age of 2

With Love From
Aunty Sue
February 14, 2000

Kristy Smith sat up wide awake in her bed.  The sun was just coming up in Bellevue, Vermont.  She could tell that it was going to be a gorgeous day.  She glanced out her bedroom window.  Kristy remembered exactly where she was planning to go today with Max, Sam and Judy.

Kristy had been so excited for the past week.  With Max, Sam and Judy, she had made a game of finding the most circus posters all over town.  Today was the big parade and that meant the start of all the circus activities.  Kristy had even tried to go to sleep as fast as she could last night to make the morning come more quickly.

Kristy began to think about all the fantastic fun she would have.  Last year, her favorite act was the clown with the invisible dog.  Kristy wondered if the clown would be there again today.  Then Kristy thought about the child who would be selected by the mayor this year to lead the parade.  Who would that lucky person be?

Just then the phone rang.  "Kristy Smith , will you lead the big parade for us this year?" asked the mayor of Bellevue, Vermont.  "Oh, yes, yes!" exclaimed Kristy.
       (and there's much, much more!)

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