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Personalized Coloring Books
Personalized Coloring Books.
View our line of 18+ different personalized coloring books, all of which are wonderful stories where your child becomes the "star". Their name and city are included in the story. All 8 x 11 - coloring books are 18 pages of text and, an additional 18 pages of illustrations. (no additional friend's)
List Price: $ 6.99
Special Price: $ 1.99 - $5.00

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Personalized Music CD For Kids
12 songs personalized for your child singing their name over and over again.

Price: $ 24.99

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Personalized 1st Name Stickers
Children can dress up their favorite toys, books or anything they want to put their names on. The fun stickers with their first name or initial, on an 8.5x14" sheet can be placed just about anywhere and also make a great item to trade with friends. Fun for all ages! Sale Price: $4.50

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Personalized 1st Name Poems
Your child is unique, and what better way to celebrate it with their very own Personalized Name Poem?
Choose one of our 19 designs, and we'll print a personalized poem that uses the letters of your child's first name to create a poem as unique and special as your child! The poem describes the personality traits that are associated with that name.
OR... You Can Create Your Own Poem / Message / Letter, Using One Of Our Designs.
List Price: $ 20.00

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My Very Own Task List

A Personalized Child's Task/Responsibility List
An 8 ½ x 11 reusable organizer and checklist with washable colormarker, to help children develop good habits.
20 - Colorful designs for boys and girls, can be personalized with the child's 1st name or ordered generic.
Wholesale Pricing Available on orders of 12+ (generic)

Our Price: $ 6.99


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