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Just For Me CD is a collection of 12 personalized kids songs. Each entertaining song mentions your child's name approximately 40 times. The child builds name recognition, speech patterns and self-esteem through the upbeat music that's played.
From waking up in the morning, learning abc’s, counting and right down through a bedtime lullaby, each song captures the child's attention and imagination.
Every song has been sung individually for each of the 2000+ different names we have in our database.
What a perfect "any occasion" gift for a child!
Just as a Personalized Book will be read over and over again,.....a Personalized Music CD will be listened to "over and over and over again"!.

Suitable for young children ages 0-7 years old.

Price $24.99

Also available "Love Songs For You" - personalized love songs for that special someone in your life (for adults).

Personalized Love Songs CD
Just For Me Music CD

Sample songs
Just For Me Music CD

  • Now with almost 2000 names
  • The hottest selling CD to date
  • 12 totally new and exciting songs to get your child learning, smiling, laughing, and singing along
  • A beautiful experience for the whole family to enjoy

  • (Ages 0 - 7)
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    Just For Me Music CD

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