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How to Order
This Online Store uses a shopping cart, which is the location where you compile your order.

To place an order at our Online Store you will need to use the shopping cart. Once you are satisfied with your order, proceed to checkout, where you will actually buy your item.

Filling a Shopping Cart
Payment Security
Important Notes

Filling a Shopping Cart

Find the item(s) you would like to purchase by using our catalog. You may use our search engine or browse by product category. To use the search engine, simply enter what you are looking for and press search. To browse, click on one of the product categories, located in the top left hand corner of the entrance page.
When you find an item you would like to order in a product category (a list with several items), simply select a quantity and press the Order button. This will add that item to your Shopping Cart. To see more information about the item before you buy, click on the name of the item.
When you find an item you would like to order from the product page, click on the Order button. This will add that item to your Shopping Cart.
Each time you add an item to your Shopping Cart, the item will appear in your shopping cart, located in the left hand navigation bar.
If you would like to continue shopping after adding an item to your shopping cart, continue to search for items by using our search engine or by browsing by product category from the navigation bar on the left.
If you are finished shopping, click on the Checkout button, located in the lower left hand corner of the entrance page just below your Shopping Cart. Or at the bottom of your shopping cart.



1. Go to your Shopping Cart page by clicking on the Check Out button in the lower left hand corner of the entrance page.
2. Review the items in your Shopping Cart.
3. Remove any items you do not wish to purchase by clicking on the small box at the beginning of the appropriate row, producing a check, then press the Update Order button.
4. To change the quantity of an item, change the number in the box, and press the Update Order button.
5. Pressing the Empty Cart button, removes your entire order.
6. When you have finished reviewing your list, click on the Check Out button.
7. A personal information page is then displayed where you will input your name, address, credit card info, and any special instructions for your purchase.
8. An Order Confirmation page will then appear. This is your last chance to change your order. If you have changed your mind about an item or if you find an inaccuracy, click on the Change Order button.
9. If everything is correct, click on the Continue button to complete the transaction.
10. After your order is submitted, a thank you page will appear. Print a copy of this page using your browser; it contains valuable information about your order and will be your receipt. If you have problems printing this page, please write down your order number for future reference.


Payment Security

Online Payments. In order to protect your credit card information from theft, a NT Web Server is being used that supports the SSL protocol. If your browser supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol (currently the majority of browsers do), then your credit card information will be protected whenever you submit a credit card number to us. We have designed our order software to automatically detect whether your browser supports secure transactions. It will automatically notify you if your browser does not support this feature.

Secure Payment by Phone. If you still feel uncomfortable submitting your credit card number online, you now have the option to enter this information over the phone using our fully automated system. By calling a phone number given at the end of the check-out procedure, you will be asked to enter your order number, credit card number and the credit card's expiration date. Please note that for security purposes the system is fully automated and that you will not speak with a customer service representative.


Important notes

Building a Shopping Cart is not a commitment to purchase the items in your Cart. You will have the opportunity to remove items from your shopping cart before you finalize your order.

To return to your Shopping Cart from anywhere within the site, click on the Checkout button located in the lower left hand corner.

You will automatically be notified if your credit card information is not being sent by a secure channel.