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Since 1994 we have helped many thousands of parents introduce their children to the joy of reading. By using our special and very unique personalized books, many children have found a reason to learn to read. We have been told over and over by those children that we have spoken to that they like the stories in our personalized books because the stories are about them.

All of our books are high quality, hardcover, colorful, easy to read, and educational. Our personalized books are both interesting and age appropriate. Each story contains a valuable developmental lesson which teaches children positive character traits. We market these books nationally and internationally to both individuals and families. We also market to schools, and other organizations. We facilitate "Give a Child a Book" programs via sponsors and offer fund-raisers that donate a portion of our profits back to those organizations that partner with us.

We believe that learning can be fun and based on the feedback from repeat and satisfied customers we know that education through personalized children's books works. It is time tested and proven. At Storytime we have experienced the magic, the empowerment, the sparking of young imaginations that storytelling gives children who read our personalized book series. They are motivated to learn the very necessary life skill of reading which in turn pays infinite dividends for both themselves and the world around them.

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