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The Sibling Book

Item#/SKU: 524

A treasured keepsake story that teaches your child how to share and cope with the arrival of a new baby. This book includes your older child's name and the name and gender of the new baby.

Our Price: $16.99

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"And so the story goes..."

The Sibling Book

was created especially for

Shelby Renee Johnson
at the age of 4

With Love From
Mommie & Daddy
January 8, 2013

Once there was a little girl named Shelby, age 4She lived in Pasadena. One day, something very exciting happened at Shelby's home.  A brand new baby boy came to stay.

"This is our new baby," everyone said to Shelby. "His name is Alex." Shelby could hardly believe it.  "Wow!" Shelby said right out loud.  "I'm Alex's big sister!  I wonder what this is going to be like."

From that day on, Shelby began to find out what it was like to have a new baby brother in her family.  What Shelby first noticed was that everyone seemed very happy.  Shelby also noticed that everyone seemed very busy, too.

(…and there's much, much more!)

SKU: 524
Price: $16.99

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