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The Retirement Book

Brand Name: Storytime Personalized Books
Item#/SKU: 527

A great spoof on the good life! A humorous gift for a new retiree, poking fun at his/her "achievements" throughout his/her career. This book also contains clear inserts for photographs. A wonderful gift for adult friends and family. Information required for this book: name of retiree, company and last occupation, date of retirement and number of years worked, hobbies, co-workers, spouse's name (optional) and children's names.

List Price: $25.99
Our Price: $24.99

And so the story goes...
Personalized information is indicated by (parentheses).

(Star) officially retired from (Company) on (date of retirement). (He) had spent (years on job) long, tough years on the job and was now looking forward to a change of pace. The adjustment from a hectic work schedule to a life of leisure would not be easy for (Star). (He) was known to (Co-workers) as a hard worker, one who could always be counted on regardless of the circumstances.

Caption: "Hey (Star), have you finished that rush job that was due yesterday? One thing (Star) wouldn't miss was the daily grind. Getting up early each day, working all morning without a break, grabbing a quick lunch, and staying late at night would soon be a thing of the past. (Star) rarely took a day off and generally skipped (his) vacation to help (Co-workers) at work.

Caption: (Star) often worked twelve hours and slept twelve hours. (His) boss was upset because they were the same twelve hours. (Star) had had a long, distinguished career. (His) last job, (job title) undoubtedly was one of the most important in the organization. (Star) often commented that they would have a tough time finding a replacement for (him).

Caption: "You want a replacement for (Star)? What about that new kid in the mail room?"

Retirement would provide (Star) and (Spouse) with an opportunity to travel. Being a highly organized individual, (Star) could go anywhere at a moment's notice.

Caption: "(Star), it says 'pack light,' not 'pack the light......'"

And much, much more!

SKU: 527
First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Place of Employment (name of company):
Date of Retirement:
# of years there:
Last occupation/title at company:
1st name of 2 - 3 co-workers:
Spouse's 1st Name:
1st Name of 2 - 3 friends or famliy members:
2 -3 favorite activities or hobbies:
Dedication (with love from, best wishes, etc):
Date book will be given:
Book is from:
Sale Price: $24.99

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