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The Story of Christmas

Brand Name: Storytime Personalized Books
Item#/SKU: 605

Teaching the reason for the season, opinions vary as to the appropriate way to celebrate Christmas. However many will agree one fact is certain. Jesus is the reason for the season. This book focuses on Jesus as the reason why we give gifts on Christmas. It is a fine addition to your child's reading because it links children's Christmas pageant to the historical message of the birth of the Christ child. Spanish version also available. It includes biblical references in a story about your child and the little baby Jesus in the manger.

This modern Christmas pageant as written by Larry Hart, PhD., includes your child's name, up to three friends and the hometown or city.
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"And so the story goes..."

The Story of Christmas

was created especially for

Katelyn Marie Lucas
at the age of 10

"Merry Christmas!"
Mommie & Daddy
December 24, 2013

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, isn't it, Katelyn ! It is a time of giving! Will you be giving gifts to Michelle, Lisa and Bill this Christmas? Maybe you will even leave Springfield, Missouri , this Christmas to visit family or friends in another town!.

Katelyn ", do you know why we give gifts at Christmas? It is because God gave us His very best gift. The Bible says that God loved us so much that He gave us His only Son, Jesus. When we put our trust in Jesus as our Savior, the Bible says God gives us the gift of eternal life. That is the best Christmas gift of all!

Katelyn , the story of Christmas is really the story of the birth of Jesus. And what a wonderful story it is! We see angels and shepherds and wise men! We see Mary and Joseph and, most important of all, Baby Jesus in the manger! This is what we should think about, Katelyn , when we hear the word Christmas. It all began when….

(…and there's much, much more!)

SKU: 605
Price: $16.99

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