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The Anniversary Book

Brand Name: Storytime Personalized Books
Item#/SKU: 528A

A wonderful gift for adult friends and family who are already married. Help them remember their special anniversary day. In addition to the wonderful story, the Anniversary Book contains four - 6x8 clear inserts for photographs and several guest pages. Included are the names of the couple, date and wedding location, honeymoon location, number of years married, (optional) names of children, grandchildren and much more.

List Price: $25.99
Our Price: $24.99

And so the story goes...
Personalized information is indicated by (parentheses).

Time passed and that love and respect deepened. Then, on (June 22, 1969, Jenny and Mark) were married at (First Methodist Church).
Many memories of that wedding day are still vivid: the special people who were present for the occasion; the last minute details that still didn't quite happen as planned! But of all the memories of that day, the most important are those of the ceremony itself, when (Jenny and Mark) stood together, exchanged their solemn vows, and were pronounced husband and wife.

And much, much more!

SKU: 528A
Bride's First Name:
Bride's Middle Name:
Bride's Maiden Name:
Groom's First Name:
Groom's Middle Name:
Groom's Last Name:
Date of Wedding:
Wedding Location:
Honeymoon Location:
# of Years Married:
Date of Anniversary:
Names of Children:
Names of Grand Children:
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Sale Price: $24.99

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