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The Magic Menorah
A Personalized Book


A delightful way to teach children the meaning of Hanukkah. Your child goes to the attic to get Hanukkah decorations and discovers a magic menorah. The menorah speaks to him/ her and explains how the Jewish celebrate Hanukkah to commemorate their religious struggle. (no additional friend's names included in this story) (***limited suppies***)
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Sale Price: $16.99

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"And so the story goes..."

The Magic Menorah

was created especially for

Joshua Steinman
at the age of 7

With Love From
Mommy & Daddy
December 2012

Joshua woke up early on a cold December morning in Lake Wales, Florida. He was excited about the day to come. He knew that this evening would mark the beginning of Hanukkah, his favorite holiday of the year.

Joshua loved Hanukkah. He loved the way his family prepared for it. There were decorations to be hung, latkes to be made, presents to be wrapped and menorahs to be polished.

Joshua went into the kitchen to help Mommy with the preparations. "Joshua ," said Mommy , "it's time for you to go to the attic and get the decorations."

Joshua was proud of his special job. Each year he brought the decorations down from the attic and helped Daddy place them around the house.

There were long strands of shiny blue and silver stars and huge colored banners that said, "HAPPY HANUKKAH." There were dreidels of all shapes and sizes and lots of menorahs.

(…and there's much, much more!)

Price: $16.99

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