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Hockey Hero

Brand Name: Storytime Personalized Books
Item#/SKU: 523

Your child will experience the ups and downs of sports play in this action packed personalized story. Includes, child's name, age, friends and favorite hockey team. (ages 4-12)
The illustration pages for this storybook are black and white.
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"And so the story goes..."

Hockey Hero

was created especially for

Paolo Esperito
at the age of 10

Christmas 2013

The championship game was only hours away.  The Mighty Ducks, Paolo's favorite team, were just one game away from being the champs.
     Paolo had already invited Kenny, Jermaine and Chris to watch the game on television with him.  All that was left to do was check the snacks and, for the fourth time today, study the team line-ups.

 Unknown to Paolo, the Mighty Ducks were in trouble.  The coach had just learned that the star player had a sprained ankle and could not play tonight.  No other players were available.  The situation seemed hopeless.

 "What about that kid, Paolo so-and-so, who you just signed," the coach asked the team's general manager.
     "You mean that kid who lives in Los Angeles, California?" replied the G.M.  "He's a little young and inexperienced!"
     "Call him," replied the coach, "and get him here any way you can, even if you have to rent a private jet.  All we need is a back-up in case of injury.  He'll just sit on the bench."

The general manager, a bit nervous about tonight's game, still couldn't remember the player's last name.  "Was it Leroux, Lamante, Esperito?  Yes, Esperito, I think that was it," the G.M. said and he quickly looked through the Los Angeles, California phone book for the number.

(…and there's much, much more!)

SKU: 523
Price: $16.99 ***ITEM NOT IN STOCK***

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