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God's Special Gifts to Me

Brand Name: Storytime Personalized Books
Item#/SKU: 601

This wonderful book explains God's love to children with easy to understand text and beautiful illustrations. The story covers simple topics like the five senses as well as more complex topics such as wisdom, forgiveness and prayer. Your child's name, the names of up to three friends and the hometown or city are included.
Spanish Version also available
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"And so the story goes..."

God's Special Gifts To Me

was created especially for

Raquel Goffner
at the age of 10

With Love From
Mommie & Daddy
February 28, 2012

Raquel, you live in a wonderful world full of interesting and beautiful creations from God. Some of God's gifts are things you see, smell, hear, taste, or touch and feel. You enjoy these gifts by using your five senses.

At times, these senses do not work as they should. If a child cannot see or hear well, God often makes the other senses work even better. God loves all His Children!

This is a marvelous place that God has created for us, Raquel . There are so many amazing things for you to enjoy with Dominique, Destiny and Evette.

God gave you eyes to see, Raquel. During the day, you can see the rising sun, smiling faces, fluttering butterflies, blooming flowers, floating clouds and colorful rainbows.

(…and there's much, much more!)

SKU: 601
Price: $16.99

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