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My Special Christmas Eve Coloring Book

Item#/SKU: 807MSCECW

A personalized coloring book.
The story begins with the child decorating the Christmas tree in preparation for Santa's arrival. The child gets to meet and talk to Santa, making a truly special day he or she will never forget. This coloring book includes your child's name throughout the story. (no additional friend's names included in this story)
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Holiday Sale Price: $6.99 (**Limited Supplies**)

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"And so the story goes..."

My Special Christmas Eve

was created especially for

Jenna Smith
at the age of 7

With Love From
Mom and Dad
December 24, 2013

Jenna Smith could hardly wait for Christmas Eve. She wanted to stay up after everyone else went to bed to meet Santa Claus.

"Do you think that when Santa comes to Gardena , he will have just a little extra time to say hello to me?" she asked Mommy.

Jenna knew that Santa had a lot of homes all over the world to visit on Christmas Eve. Still, if only this wish could be granted, she would be able to thank Santa for being so nice and generous year after year.

She wanted the Christmas tree to look really special for Santa's visit this year. Jenna cut paper bells and stars out of construction paper and glued glitter on them. She strung popcorn and cranberries on a string. Then, she carefully placed all of her beautiful creations on the tree.

Mommy and Daddy helped Jenna bake and decorate a batch of special Christmas cookies just for Santa. Then Jenna arranged the cookies on the prettiest plate she could find.

Jenna set two places at the table next to the Christmas tree. She giggled out loud at the thought of having cocoa and cookies with Santa. "I know! I'll put the cocoa in a thermos so that it's hot when he drinks it. Or, if he can't stay, he can take it with him."

Mommy helped Jenna boil some milk in a pan on the stove. She then put four big scoops of cocoa mix into the boiling milk and Daddy poured the steaming cocoa into the Thermos. "There, that's just right for two cups of cocoa said Mommy.

Everyone said good night and went to bed except for Jenna. She still had work to do before Santa arrived.

(…and there's much, much more!)

Sale Price: $6.99

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