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Baseball's Unsung Hero

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All armchair athletes will enjoy this comical, personalized story in which your child helps his favorite baseball team win the World Series. Included are the child's name, up to three friends, hometown, child's telephone number, favorite baseball team and the current year. This book is suitable for older children and is especially suitable for boys. (All ages)
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"And so the story goes..."

Baseball's Unsung Hero

was created especially for
Dave Robert Cross

With Love From
Your Sister
February 14, 2013

 Dave Cross had a list of chores a mile long.  Yet, it didn't matter because the Yankees were playing in the final game of the World Series.  The series was tied three games each and he decided that his chores could wait a few hours.  Dave grabbed the remote control, a bowl of chips, and a gatorade and made himself comfortable in his favorite chair.

  Dave noticed that the players had been out on the field for an awfully long warm up, and the pitching coach sure was going crazy about something down in the dugout.  Then, the announcer broadcasted the news that the pitcher of the Yankees just threw out his arm.  The cameras followed the coach as he paced frantically inside the dugout.  At one end of the dugout was a red wall phone.  The coach reached for it and started dialing.  The cameras zoomed in.  The announcer correctly guessed that the coach was calling in his back-up pitcher.  That's when Dave's phone started to ring!

Dave answered the phone.  "This is the coach!  Come over here right away.  You're going to pitch the game today," said the coach of the Yankees.  The coach hung up before Dave could ask any questions.  "Wow!" Dave thought, "This must be a dream!" Dave packed his gear and spikes and headed for the door thinking, "Wait until I tell Nicole, Michael and Jerry about this!"

(and there's much, much more!)

SKU: 506
Price: $16.99 ***ITEM NOT IN STOCK***