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The Barnyard Mystery

Brand Name: Storytime Personalized Books
Item#/SKU: 853CB

A personalized coloring book including your child's name..
This delightful story turns the child into a detective who solves a puzzling mystery. The child gains confidence and a sense of importance through the search for the farmer's hat, uncovering clues with the help of friendly barnyard animals. Two favorite relatives or friends are there to offer congratulations on the child's amazing detective skills. A really cute story for boys and girls.
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"And so the story goes..."

The Barnyard Mystery

was created especially for

Mark David Clarke
at the age of 7

With Love From
Grandma & Grandpa
January 25,2013

Grandma and Grandpa had invited Mark to visit Farmer Brown on his farm.  The farm was just a few miles from Mark's home in Charlotte .  As they approached Farmer Brown's farm, Mark saw something strange in the corn field.
     "What is that?" Mark asked.
     "Oh, that's a scarecrow," replied Grandpa .
     "It's supposed to scare birds away from the corn.  But, as you can see, Mark , it doesn't always work."

As they drove down the lane, Mark could see Farmer Brown's barn and house in the distance.  He could also see someone riding on a tractor and waving to them.
     "Who's that?" asked Mark.
answered, "That's Farmer Brown.  He looks eager to greet us."

Farmer Brown climbed down from the tractor and walked toward his visitors in their stopped car.  Mark ran from the car and climbed onto the nearby fence.  As Farmer Brown again waved hello to Grandma and Grandpa, he looked at Mark and said, "Well, who do we have here?"
     "I am Mark Clarke, and I live in Charlotte," Mark replied.

Farmer Brown said to Mark, Grandma and Grandpa, "Maybe you folks can help me solve a mystery."  Mark listened with great interest as he continued:  "You see, before I went into the chicken coop to gather eggs, I took off my favorite straw hat and put it on a barrel next to the door.

When I was finished in the coop, I came out and reached for my hat ... but, it was gone!"
(…and there's much, much more!)

SKU: 853CB
Price: $6.99

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